Homelessness “The Men in the Storm”

In the short story “The Men in the Storm” we can pinpoint many characteristics.  First off, it’s very cold.  We can find that detail many, many times throughout this story, but we can also find the sharp contrast between the rich and the poor.  Stephen Crane depicts two very different groups of people.  From the carriages and men bustling home from a warm meal to the poor men waiting outside of the soup kitchen, we see the wealth contrast.



Revision Memo for “A Walk in the Park”

For my revision my goal was really just to perfect the text I had written.  I didn’t want to mess with it too much for fear that I would mess up my writing.  I took my comments into consideration and decided to leave it as it was.  I received a comment mentioning how the ending was a bit off putting, but considering the story was all leading up to that one point I didn’t want to change it.

A Walk in the Park – Bi-Weekly Rough Draft


Important Bee’s

In all truth and honesty I think the majority of us could probably claim that they couldn’t care less about the nuisance we call “The Bee”.  From their bright and ugly yellow color, to the times we’ve been stung over and over, the human population can all agree that we hate bees.

However, Bees provide an extreme importance to our earthy environment.  “They pollinate a whole third of everything we eat.”  “From sunflower seeds, to cocoa beans, to even the fodder that our cows eat, the bee plays an important part in our everyday plate of food.”

So the next time your eating at a picnic and a bee lands on your blanket, go ahead and freak out, but remember, that ugly little fellow is important to each and every one of us.

Source: largeAlison Benjamin “Why are bees important? You asked Google – here’s the answer” Wednesday 17 June 2015

The Word Umbrella

  1. 1.
    a device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod, used as protection against rain or sometimes sun.
    synonyms: parasol, sunshade

    “they huddled under the umbrella”
  2. 2.
    a protecting force or influence.
    “the American nuclear umbrella over the West”
    To me the word ‘Umbrella’ has positive associations.  To shield and protect.  To help and to show kindness.  All of these things are important to people.  They can change perspective and offer friendship.  The word umbrella may be an object you use to shield from the rain, but it can also be a symbol for safety and so much more.
     The word Umbrella reminds me of a time when I was young and the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna had just came out.  It reminds me of a time when my step-sister and I sang and dance and stayed up till 6 in the morning, playing our notorious game of “Night Club”

Writer’s Memo for “The Majestic Blue Whale”

“The Majestic Blue Whale”

  1. What you are trying to achieve in the piece of writing, including your intended focus of the piece, audience, and purpose and what form the piece of writing took based on those intentions.

My purpose was to inform, yet entertain the audience with the silliness of the text.  Hopefully someone had the giggles at reading this.

2. Which punch list task(s) the piece of writing helps you to check off.

Considering the topic, I feel I can check off the Research/Informative Punch List Task

3. What went well in the draft and what didn’t go so well.

I think my humor came across pretty well, but I guess that’s for the reader to decide.  I also felt that I included the promised amount of information.  The next plane tickets for the “Pacific Ocean” will be sold out.  However, I think my paragraphs were a tad bit short.

4. What help you need from any readers.

My answer to this will always be grammar.  There are probably an Easter egg-hunt amount of errors in that paper.


The Majestic Blue Whale

Bi-Weekly ROUGH-draft

Have you ever encountered the large specimen known as ‘The Blue Whale’?  The majestic mammal of the sea?  Well neither have I.  However, after you read this juicy informative crammed with lots of knowledge on the blue whale, I guarantee you’ll be on the next flight out to the Pacific.


The Blue Whale, also known as Balaenoptera musculus, is the largest, grandest and heaviest creature on the face of earth.  Weighing up to 200 tons, and growing up to 100 feet, the blue whale breaks the scale anyday. Even the tongue of the whale can weigh as much as a whole elephant!  Talk about going on a diet, amiright?


The diet of the blue whale is actually not as unhealthy as you might think it is.  They primarily consume Krill, which for those who don’t know what that is (Much like me before this article), is a small crustacean much like a shrimp.  When eating, the Blue Whale uses a method known as “filter feeding”, which if you’ve ever seen ‘Finding Nemo’ you’ll know exactly what I mean.  If you haven’t seen this historical movie, well then you need to get your priorities straight.  


This creature is very graceful and among the longest living creatures in the world.  For all the people who have seen a whale, they’ll tell you what a marvelous sight it is to see.  They usually travel alone but on the occasion they’ll travel in small groups.  They of course usually travel with their children, which in this case are called calves.  It’s almost as if whales are the cows of the sea.   When first entering their world of water, the baby whale calves weigh up to 3 tons, and throughout the year gains about 200 pounds.  That’s like eating a whole human! Wow!


In the past, whalers and poacher have hunted this glorious creature, leading to the downfall of the whale population.  Looking to sell the whale’s oil to make the big bucks, the blue whale was put on the World Conservation Union Red List, which for those of you who don’t know what that is, (Again, much like me before this article) it’s a list of classified endangered animals.  

To conclude this informative, blue whales are awesome and deserve much more praise other than a nodding of the head.  Next time you drink a cup of coffee, think of the blue whale.  Next time you are staring at the sky, think of that glorious mammal.  Next time you’re starting a starting a sentence with ‘well’, think of how you could be starting that sentence with ‘whale’.

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Reading · Semantics

Reading Responses: Return to the Wild


If you were going to categorize Christopher McCandless and his life choices as one of two opposing extremes, which would you choose? Was he a brave soul who embraced the notion of non-conformity to the fullest and lived according to his own determination of what mattered most in life? Or was he selfish, cruelly disregarding the feelings of those who cared for him most as he foolishly followed an overly-idealistic worldview and perished due to his naivety?

I definitely think Chris had good intentions in his choices, and I definitely can relate to his situation.  In my best guess, I feel it’s your frame of mind.  Some like to live in the city, some in the country.  Some people strive for normalcy and a family in the suburbs of a town, some want to live the wild life, but I believe that Chris’s frame of mind is my own frame of mind.

I worry about being consumed in a world of phonies and normalcy.  I believe he could have achieved these things in a different way, but maybe that’s what felt right to him.  He had to leave, he wanted to see the world.  But coming from someone who can’t stand to be alone I have a hard time relating to the fact that he wanted to leave for quite so long a time.  Maybe this was his fatal flaw, his want to be alone.  However, maybe this is what helped him actually live and enjoy his life.


He has inspired me in this way.  I want to live other than just existing, and maybe in the future I will do something to this crazy extent.  That is go somewhere I’ve never been and experience it alone.  But maybe not for a whole 4 months…