The Majestic Blue Whale

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Have you ever encountered the large specimen known as ‘The Blue Whale’?  The majestic mammal of the sea?  Well neither have I.  However, after you read this juicy informative crammed with lots of knowledge on the blue whale, I guarantee you’ll be on the next flight out to the Pacific.


The Blue Whale, also known as Balaenoptera musculus, is the largest, grandest and heaviest creature on the face of earth.  Weighing up to 200 tons, and growing up to 100 feet, the blue whale breaks the scale anyday. Even the tongue of the whale can weigh as much as a whole elephant!  Talk about going on a diet, amiright?


The diet of the blue whale is actually not as unhealthy as you might think it is.  They primarily consume Krill, which for those who don’t know what that is (Much like me before this article), is a small crustacean much like a shrimp.  When eating, the Blue Whale uses a method known as “filter feeding”, which if you’ve ever seen ‘Finding Nemo’ you’ll know exactly what I mean.  If you haven’t seen this historical movie, well then you need to get your priorities straight.  


This creature is very graceful and among the longest living creatures in the world.  For all the people who have seen a whale, they’ll tell you what a marvelous sight it is to see.  They usually travel alone but on the occasion they’ll travel in small groups.  They of course usually travel with their children, which in this case are called calves.  It’s almost as if whales are the cows of the sea.   When first entering their world of water, the baby whale calves weigh up to 3 tons, and throughout the year gains about 200 pounds.  That’s like eating a whole human! Wow!


In the past, whalers and poacher have hunted this glorious creature, leading to the downfall of the whale population.  Looking to sell the whale’s oil to make the big bucks, the blue whale was put on the World Conservation Union Red List, which for those of you who don’t know what that is, (Again, much like me before this article) it’s a list of classified endangered animals.  

To conclude this informative, blue whales are awesome and deserve much more praise other than a nodding of the head.  Next time you drink a cup of coffee, think of the blue whale.  Next time you are staring at the sky, think of that glorious mammal.  Next time you’re starting a starting a sentence with ‘well’, think of how you could be starting that sentence with ‘whale’.

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