Writers Memo for “A Walk in the Park”

A Walk in the Park

Literature questions from Ms. Keown / Mrs. Sockler concerning “A Walk in the Park”.

  1. What you are trying to achieve in the piece of writing, including your intended focus of the piece, audience, and purpose and what form the piece of writing took based on those intentions.
  2. Which punch list task(s) the piece of writing helps you to check off.
  3. What went well in the draft and what didn’t go so well.
  4. What help you need from any readers.

At first I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to achieve.  I just knew I was supposed to sit down and write a story for class.  But as I was eating lunch in the library, debating what I should write about, I decided to go with the flow with it. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with the story, but I knew I was going to make something happen once the girl had gotten to the park.  After the last sentence I decided that the ending fit.  I didn’t want to change it. I decided to add on to that ending.  To go back and really make the decision fit.

Obviously “To complete one narrative biweekly draft” and “Write one narrative about you or someone else”, but also to “Try to make the reader laugh by being clever, using sarcasm, satire, Irony, and/or understatement”.  I really giggled at the thought of just killing the character.  I feel it also shows a great bit of irony considering the unnamed character had an almost deep uncontrollable desire to finish a book (one that she quite hated)  ,and yet dies half-way through the last paragraph.

I feel the outcome of Irony, Symbolism, and Foreshadowing really went well while drafting.  I didn’t realize I was doing it at first until I had reviewed it and saw how perfect it fit.

Obviously I need help with my grammar.  It’s a horrible flaw of mine but I make the silliest mistakes on the dumbest things.  A classmate of mine found I had written “a canopy of leafs” rather than “a canopy of leaves”


2 thoughts on “Writers Memo for “A Walk in the Park”

  1. Wow! This Bi-Weekly draft was so good. The story had foreshadowing.
    I like how her goal was to finish the book but she doesn’t get past the last paragraph and dies! I feel like the crow hints that something is going to happen because they can symbolize darkness! Happy Blogging!

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