A Walk in the Park – Bi-Weekly Rough Draft

Amy Horstman

Bi-Weekly Rough Draft

The weather outside was warm and sunny.  Never before had I experienced such an inspiring and thoughtful day to be alive.

I had planned for a nice walk through the park across the street, and to settle down on a park bench and finish a dreadful book that I had been reading for months. I felt so little excitement in having to finishing it, but the not knowing, and the feeling of leaving it incomplete sickened me.
The walk to the park was filled with brilliant colors of the rainbow. Red of the roses in the garden. Blue and Orange of the pond with the Koi Fish, and the green of the grass beneath my feet. Above me a crow sat on a telephone wire, taking in the beautiful day just as I was.

I sat upon the park bench and opened my book. The small words and long pages bothered me immensely. The tea in my thermos was still warm as I set it on the ground beside me, and began to read.

I enjoyed the spring breeze drifting through my long brown hair, and the rays of sunshine making their way through the canopy of leaves of the tree I sat under, and sped read through the terrible book in my lap with the characters made up of zero personality.

Half way through the last paragraph of that blasted book it started to rain. Above me the crow let out a loud ca-caw! And took flight into the world, obviously startled by the oncoming drizzle. The rain was dazzling at first. The way the sun and water shined together took my breath away– But then it started to pour. The dirt around me turned into a thick muddy walkway, and the rain water sank into my shoes and soaked my socks. As I covered the book beneath my shirt and began to make for my house, I tripped upon my thermos, hit my head on the park bench, and died.

The End.


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