“The Devil and Tom Walker”

In response to question 4

  1. Consider the description of the swamp from the early section of the story. What might the swamp symbolize? Explore the description to explain your answer.

The Swamp in the story of The Devil and Tom Walker” is first described as being the “ill-chosen route” in which the immoral Tom Walker decides to make his way through.  This dark swamp which is described as being “Thickly grown with great gloomy pines and hemlocks” (Which happen to be very poisonous) would most likely be the symbol of Tom’s corrupt intentions that we happen to see throughout this short story.  Just like how we know the pirate’s treasure is buried deep inside that  dark and murky swamp, we also know and see Tom’s depraved need for material goods, and his unethical ways of getting them throughout the events of others misfortune.



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